June 28, 2012

Garden Update

My sweet husband surprised me for Mother's Day with my very own garden. It has been very rewarding and a great teaching experience for Skylar. Here are some pictures to catch you up on where we are today.

DAY 15
DAY 22
DAY 31 - We have summer squash!
Day 36
DAY 37 - We have a baby watermelon! It was about the size of a dime.
4 days later it was the size of a golf ball!!

DAY 43 - Our first harvest :)
DAY 45 - today
Our 1st watermelon at 8 days old. It is the size of a  baseball.
We had a windstorm come in a few days after we planted our seeds. It kicked up the dirt enough to blow our bell pepper seeds into our carrots. We now have hybrid spicy carrots. lol

We currently have 6+ summer squash, 2 pumpkins, 7 watermelons and 1 cantaloupe. We are a few months away from being able to harvest the  carrots, onions, corn, bell peppers and broccoli. Unfortunately the broccoli was chewed up by grasshoppers so we aren't sure if they will produce anything. Overall this has been a great experience and we cannot wait to eat our homegrown goodies! 

Look who turned 2

Two weekends ago we celebrated Skylar's 2nd birthday with a weekend full of fun, sun and of course CAKE! 

Skylar woke up Saturday morning in the best mood. Shortly after she woke we brought her out to the living room to open a few gifts from mommy and daddy. It amazes me to think that last year she needed my assistance and this year she wanted to do it all by herself. 

Such a BIG girl now! 
Enjoying her new water table
Trying out her new car. Of course her favorite part was the radio.
We let Skylar play all morning with her new toys and then got lunch and put her down for nap so that she would be plenty rested for her party. 
Every little girl needs a castle :)
Madyson, Jake and Skylar swinging
Love those smiles!
Grandma and her girls
cousins Madyson, Skylar, Jake and Luke
C A K E!!! 
All smiles :)
Checking out the horn on her big girl bike.
Sunday was Skylar's actual birthday which also fell on Father's Day this year. We decided to take Skylar to Chuck E Cheese. She LOVED it!! Skylar's Birthday weekend was a success full of fun memories.