August 28, 2008

God is sooooo good!!!

As some of you know I had a car accident 2 weeks ago. We have been in a battle ever since over coverage. So last night I told God that I was handing it all over to him and asked that he take all doubt and fears away and give me patience. I also prayed for everyone that would be reviewing my case as it was headed up to the highest management today.

Well about 10 minutes ago I got the call that my insurance is going to cover everything!!!! My car and the other two involved.
Praise God for his faithfulness!!!!!!!

August 22, 2008


some of my favs.


Last Friday I was involved in a car accident. Praise God no one was seriously injured. My new car on the other hand may not survive. Please keep me in your prayers as insurance is still trying to figure things out and I am recovering from whiplash.

Here are a few pictures of my car.