September 16, 2008

My 12 Step Food Recovery Because I'm Picky Program

For weeks now I have posted a list in my office of foods I do not eat. After reviewing most of the items on the list, I came to the conclusion that most of the items on the list I had never actually tried. So, I have decided that I am going to try to change my eating habits.

Introducing " My 12 Step Food Recovery Because I'm Picky Program."

Step 1: Admitting that I was a spoiled brat child that only ate french fries, chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off. And still do.

Step 2: Believing that I CAN overcome weird foods otherwise I will continue to be mocked and wait for the kids menu to be passed down to me.

Ste 3: I am stating out loud that "I am making the decision to change." Pray for me!! hehe

Step 4: I will find strength within myself to try new foods. "Please perform CPR on me if I pass out from holding my nose and eating at the same time." That would be greatly appreciated.

Step 5: Admitting to myself and others that "I have a problem." "As if everyone didn't already know this by now."

Step 6: I promise NOT to throw myself on the floor and yell, " I don't wanna."

Step 7: Vow to try ONE new food a week. Non-negotiable!

Step 8: Will not look up, map out or memorize the directions to people's homes that make me try new foods. Besides, I know where most of you work. I can NOT promise however that you will not find my leftovers in your mailbox.

Step 9: Apologize to everyone who's food I spit into napkins, gave to the dog or passed onto my husband's plate when no one was looking.

Step 10: Appreciate and acknowledge the accomplishments made by trying new foods. "Who knew salsa, mustard and pickles could taste so good?"

My boss, Candy, added the last two....

Step 11: I will no longer eat cookie dough from a tub (this is more for sanitary reasons)

Step 12: Recognize that just because a Mexican restaurant serves chicken strips, doesn’t make it Mexican food

Wish me luck! It could be a bumpy road.

September 12, 2008


OK, so I had to make her a cheetah one too!

September 5, 2008

Tutus & Fairies

This weekend is Madyson's 2nd birthday. I made her a dress-up outfit to top them all. I am also making one that is brown, turquoise and leopard print.

Labor Day Weekend

Wow! This week has flown by and I hadn't had a chance to write about what happened over the holiday weekend. Carl and I went camping with some great friends of ours out at Lake Texoma. The weather was perfect, the lake wasn't very crowded and all we had to worry about was having fun. We had a blast!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Carl on the Jetski

Lacey chillin out

Me & Debra


Me flipping off the boat

Me & Debra tubbing