December 30, 2011

Texas Tornado kind of Christmas

It has been a crazy two weeks to say the least! I'll recap everything that happened as best I can but it all happened so quickly I hope I don't forget anything important. 

Dec. 16th - We had our 1st Christmas gathering with my dad's side of the family at my Grandparent's house. Always great to catch up with those we don't get to see very often. Skylar entertained everyone with her dancing skills when she discovered the singing snowman my Grandmother had on the coffee table and talked on her new toy phone. She enjoyed playing with all of her cousins too. Granddad read the true Christmas story and sang Christmas Carols. We even had a visit from Santa! Skylar was not too thrilled that he came but was very happy with the babydoll he brought her.
Skylar knows how to work her phone better than mommy does hers.
Santa giving Skylar her babydoll.
(Skylar is not pictured because she was clinging on to me for dear life)
Dec. 17th - We had Christmas lunch with my mom's side of the family. Again it was great to see all of my extended family. Skylar was a little bashful at first but towards the end she warmed up to several of my great aunts & uncles and let them hold her. We are so blessed with all of our family!

Dec. 20th - I received a phone call from my sister. "Mom went with me and the boys to the Gaylord Ice exhibit and was going down the ice slide and fell and broke her ankle pretty bad. She will most likely need surgery. We are on the way to the hospital" It took a minute to sink in. She said when the EMS came they wanted to take her to Baylor Grapevine. My mom asked them to take her to Dallas because it is much closer to home. They were just plain rude! One even shoved my sister in the face with his arm as she was trying to talk to my mom. Eventually they shut the doors in my sisters face and left WITHOUT telling her exactly where they were taking her. At this point she was headed to Baylor Grapevine and my step-dad Ray was headed to Baylor Dallas because no one knew where mom was being taken. Disaster! Come to find out they did bring her to Dallas but not to PARKLAND. Enough said. 

It's Dec. 21st by this time - Turns out she broke it in the front and back and it was going to need surgery. However upon releasing her to go home to wait for swelling to go down before surgery they discovered that the meds they gave her to set her leg were still had her pretty groggy so they admitted her for the night. My sister and I stayed all night with her to let Ray go home and get rest so that he could return in the morning. Because mom was being monitored so closely her bed was right across from the nurses station. It was an interesting night to say the least. I was filled with mixed emotions for the people that came through during the night. My heart ached for those who were most likely there because they had no insurance and were treated as such. People lined the halls and were forgotten about for hours. I think all to often the medical field can become a little too numb to the human side of things. Then again we had a guy beside moms cube that was yelling obscenities at anyone who was trying to help him and was threatening to throw things at the nurses station to get their attention. It was madness. Mom was released that afternoon to wait for surgery.

Dec. 22 - I slept. A lot.

Dec. 23rd - We finished our last minute Christmas shopping and baking. Santa didn't have time to put together Skylar's gifts so we were up until 4 a.m. working like little elves because Carl didn't realize that her kitchen had over 300 pieces. 

Dec. 24th - Due to scheduling this year we ended up having Christmas on the Eve so that we were not spread to thin on the actual day. 
Skylar's 2nd Christmas
Carl's parents came over to enjoy watching Skylar open her gifts. She woke up a little cranky and it took her a minute to see all of her toys. I tried uploading her video reaction but it is having issues at the moment. Here are a few pics from the day.
Princess Skylar discovers her castle
She is so animated when opening gifts
It was a wonderful morning! My heart overflowed with the joys of every emotion I thought I would experience seeing my own children on Christmas. God truly knows the desires of our hearts and I am forever thankful for every moment I have with her.

Later that day we went to Carl's parent's house for Christmas lunch. That evening we visited Carl's Gandparent's then went Christmas light looking. Once home we put on our matching pajamas and made cookies to leave out for Santa. The girls exchanged an early Christmas gift and all headed to bed in anticipation of Christmas morning. 
Madyson, Skylar and Me making cookies for Santa.
The girls on Christmas Eve
Girls will be girls.
Carl and Me
Our lil' family
Dec. 25th - It's CHRISTMAS!! The girls got up and ran into Grandma & Grandpa's room to tell them that Santa just left. And the fun began! Paper flew from one side of the room to the other. 
One happy girl!
She LOVED her purple sparkle boots so much she wanted them on right away. She kept them on most of the day.
Later that evening we headed to my mom's for Christmas. It was great that my mom was able to be home with us. Originally there was talk of doing her surgery on Christmas Eve but fortunately it was changed. We had a wonderful dinner and lots of laughs opening gifts.

Showing daddy a tool box. Trying to keep up with all of her boy cousins.
Dec. 26th - Our last and final event was Christmas at my dad's house. Sadly I don't have any pics but we had a great time. My dad is a phenomenal cook and made tons of BBQ. We visited, opened gifts and played some games. All the guys got helicopters and that was a huge hit. The girls on the other hand got a Coach clutch. I have never owned a name brand anything so I must say I was really excited and I love it!! It is the perfect size since I am still in the diaper bag stage with Skylar. Thanks Lisa :)

Dec. 27th - I was so honored that my sis-in-law Neely allowed me to tag along at her sonogram appointment to see the triplets. Our family is abundantly blessed! Have I mentioned how amazing our God is?? Well, he is! Afterwards we met up with the rest of the family at mom's surgery. After a 7 hr. wait they finally took her back and got her all fixed up.

Dec. 28th - I caught a little cold at some point so I slept a lot. Well, as much as you can with at toddler under toe.
Dec. 29th - More sleeping but felt a ton better. Visited my mom. She is a trooper!!
Dec. 30th - We had pajama day at home. 

Spending New Years Eve with my mom & Ray. Looking forward to playing games and tons of laughter as we ring in the New year. Hoping it will be nice and quiet 2012. Well, at least until my 3 nieces or nephews arrive :) can't wait!!

December 20, 2011

Stranger Danger or Santa

Wow! I cannot believe this will be Skylar's 2nd Christmas. Where has the time gone?

Skylar 6mo 1st Christmas

Our first attempt to visit santa this year was unsuccessful due to mass crowds and a 4 hour wait just to get in line to then wait another 30/40 min. to see Santa. I wasn't about to do that to my child so we planned for a weekday visit.

My sis-in-law Neely and I planned a Santa date last tuesday at Bass Pro. They have the best Santa. We were relieved to walk in and find NO line!! I got Skylar prepped and ready, headed over to see him. Skylar kept saying,"Ho,ho,ho." I thought this will be great!

I sat her on his knee. She looked at him.....then looked at me.....then realized I don't know this crazy, bearded guy.

I quickly picked her up after the photo was taken. She immediately stopped crying and we got a candy cane for a treat. Next was Bryan's turn. He had the same feelings towards Santa this year too. Seeing that she was completely contint now that she had a candy cane and was waiving to Santa, I selfishly thought maybe if we were to try again with the candy cane she would be distracted and not cry.

Who was I kidding......

Bad mommy!

I'm guessing we will have no trouble when it comes time to discuss Stranger Danger.....just sayin.

Bye Bye Baby...

After Skylar's 1st birthday, in June, it became very apparent that it was time to put away all of her baby toys, bumbos, boppys, play mats swings, etc. Physically she was too big to use them any longer. She was walking at 8 months old. Although I keep my nephew who is 2 months younger it became more of a safety issue because my daughter is a dare devil of sorts and will clime, scale and maneuver herself into things that no longer fit her. I was so sad when we had to wrap everything up to put it in the attic. So many memories made and of course the thought that my little girl is growing up too fast!

Skylar 4mo & Bryan 2mo

About 2 months ago I began watching my neighbors 4 month old little girl, Kylie, through the holidays. This meant I would have a 16, 14 and 4 month old all day, every day. I was excited and nervous but was trying to do my part to bring income into our family. My sweet husband works so hard for our family and I thought it would be a great help, especially to have the extra cash during the holiday season. My second reason was more tactical. My brother and his wife are expecting triplets next June and like their older brother Bryan I will be watching them as well. I figured this would be a great trial period to see how the kids as well as myself will adjust to having a baby around.

Obviously this meant that we needed to bring down all of Skylar's baby items so that Kylie would have things to play with. I was like a kid on Christmas day as my husband unwrapped each item. Each item held its own memores of Skylar and Bryan's "babyhood." While wrapped up in the excitement/nervousness of watching a baby again I all to quickly didn't consider Skylar and Bryans activeness now that they are toddlers. It became a constant battle to keep them out of the swings and chairs in fear of them falling out or pinching their fingers. They were like kids in a candy store. To them these toys were brand new and they couldn't understand why I would set them out just tell them they couldn't play with them. It quickly became a game to see how many times they could get me to say," Get down, out, no ma'am, no sir, take turns." etc.

Skylar 17 mo in the baby swing

My "trial" ended last week and I find myself saddened again at the thought of wrapping everything back up and putting in the attic. I try to remind myself that memories are just that....memories. They are not the toys, swings, etc. They are the forever thoughts I hold in my heart of my precious little girl now 18 months old going on 21.

December 6, 2011

"Remote" control

Received an invite to join Leslie and the boys for dinner at chic-fil-a tonight. After a long day of taking care of kids I ALWAYS jump at the opportunity to get out of the house. Today, like most others, was pajama day at our house so I quickly put on some hats to cover their ears and ran out the door. Dinner was great, the kids ate well and I got to enjoy time with my big sister which is always a plus! After dinner I loaded each kid on a hip and got ready to load them up to head home when my hand brushed against Skylar's leg. I inspected a little closer and to my surprise I realized she had put the remote control down her fleece pajamas and it had settled in the pant leg. We got quite a few chuckles from the tables around us! I'll have to chalk this one up there with them putting my cell phone in the dishwasher and finding Bryan's sock in the freezer.

You can't make this stuff up!

September 20, 2011

Skylar says Baby

Skylar received a baby doll for her 1st birthday and they were inseparable for weeks. I finally caught her on tape the day after her birthday part saying Baby.