August 17, 2013

DIY - 10 Step Chevron Burlap Wreath

Keep in mind that you can adjust sizes to fit the space you are making it for. 
For this project you will need the following supplies.
1 - 18 inch wire wreath form. 
1 - 10 yard / 5 inch roll of brown burlap. It can be any width.  (The larger the width the larger the poofs.) You can use wired or non wired burlap. Each works just as well. 
1 - 15 yard / 5 inch roll of solid colored burlap
1 - 15 yard / 5 inch roll of Chevron burlap
1 - package tan pipe cleaners
Any embellishments such as an initial, flowers, etc.
I happened to catch a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby today so I stocked up on several colors and couldn't decide on a color scheme until I laid them out together. I chose brown, yellow and the cream/grey chevron for this project.

Lets begin...
The wire wreath will be broken down into two sections to make explanations easier. The inner circle and the outer circle. 
Twist tie a pipe cleaner between each section of the inner circle. Don't worry if they slide around or feel loose. As you add the burlap it will begin to tighten and stay in place. It really works to your benefit in the end when it is time to fluff your poofs. 
STEP 2: 
Twist tie a pipe cleaner to each divider (not the outer ring, tie it to base of the divider post) on the outer circle. 
Take the end of your brown burlap. Bunch it up and twist tie it on to one of the pipes on the inner circle. 
Move down the burlap about 12 inches. Make another bunch and add it to the next pipe in the inner circle. 
Continue this process all the way around finishing on top of the pipe cleaner you started at. DO NOT CUT YOUR BURLAP YET!
At this point you may be thinking that it doesn't look very full. Don't worry it will in the end.
Continuing with the end of your burlap that is hanging to the side. Make another 12 inch bunch and tie it onto the outer pipe cleaner closest to your right.
Again, continue this process all the way around the outer circle. Once you reach your last pipe cleaner trim the excess off and twist tie the end down. 
This is the finished "shell" for decorating your wreath.
Take the chevron burlap and place it over the solid color burlap. Bunch the end and twist tie it onto one of the inner circle pipes. 
This time you are only going to use 10 inch bunches.
You are going to zig zag from the inner to the outer circle with 10 inch bunches securing the burlap on EVERY pipe cleaner.
You WILL NOT have enough solid/chevron fabric to go to the last few pipes. It is okay. Go to the next step.
STEP 7: 
Using the leftover brown burlap. Make a bow and slide a pipe cleaner though the back of the knot and secure it to the wreath where you have an opening with no decorative burlap.
Fluff and hide. Starting with the inner circle brown. Place your hand inside each poof and fluff it out. At this time you can also tuck all of your pipes towards the back of the wreath or trim them down. When you pull the solid/chevron burlap alternate the way you separate each loop so that color is spread evenly throughout your wreath. 
This is where the real fun begins. Adding embellishments. Take this wreath to another level by adding an initial, a sign, flowers, decorations, extra ribbons, etc. 
STEP 10:
Hang it and enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Check back to see what I will be crafting next.