June 28, 2012

Garden Update

My sweet husband surprised me for Mother's Day with my very own garden. It has been very rewarding and a great teaching experience for Skylar. Here are some pictures to catch you up on where we are today.

DAY 15
DAY 22
DAY 31 - We have summer squash!
Day 36
DAY 37 - We have a baby watermelon! It was about the size of a dime.
4 days later it was the size of a golf ball!!

DAY 43 - Our first harvest :)
DAY 45 - today
Our 1st watermelon at 8 days old. It is the size of a  baseball.
We had a windstorm come in a few days after we planted our seeds. It kicked up the dirt enough to blow our bell pepper seeds into our carrots. We now have hybrid spicy carrots. lol

We currently have 6+ summer squash, 2 pumpkins, 7 watermelons and 1 cantaloupe. We are a few months away from being able to harvest the  carrots, onions, corn, bell peppers and broccoli. Unfortunately the broccoli was chewed up by grasshoppers so we aren't sure if they will produce anything. Overall this has been a great experience and we cannot wait to eat our homegrown goodies! 

Look who turned 2

Two weekends ago we celebrated Skylar's 2nd birthday with a weekend full of fun, sun and of course CAKE! 

Skylar woke up Saturday morning in the best mood. Shortly after she woke we brought her out to the living room to open a few gifts from mommy and daddy. It amazes me to think that last year she needed my assistance and this year she wanted to do it all by herself. 

Such a BIG girl now! 
Enjoying her new water table
Trying out her new car. Of course her favorite part was the radio.
We let Skylar play all morning with her new toys and then got lunch and put her down for nap so that she would be plenty rested for her party. 
Every little girl needs a castle :)
Madyson, Jake and Skylar swinging
Love those smiles!
Grandma and her girls
cousins Madyson, Skylar, Jake and Luke
C A K E!!! 
All smiles :)
Checking out the horn on her big girl bike.
Sunday was Skylar's actual birthday which also fell on Father's Day this year. We decided to take Skylar to Chuck E Cheese. She LOVED it!! Skylar's Birthday weekend was a success full of fun memories. 

May 30, 2012

3 Little Blessings

I had the privilege of taking pictures of my beautiful nieces & nephew the other day. Here are a few of the pics. Enjoy!

May 20, 2012

From Date Night to Family Night

This past Christmas we received an amazing gift of dinner and an ariel flight of Dallas. We had originally planned to go for our 8 yr. Anniversary back in February but it was cancelled due to high winds. Well you know life gets busy and so do our weekends. Days became weeks and weeks became months. In April we finally planned a night to get out. It was great! Our dinner was at Delta Charlies. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere but were really looking forward to our flight.

Our pilot was great! She really made our experience memorable. The flight lasted about 30 minutes and we flew around Dallas, Fair Park and White Rock Lake. It was so fun! We had a plane fly directly over us but the best part was listening to the radio chatter.

Fair Park and Dallas
Love him!

Although we love spending time together one on one, our best moments are spent as a family! We actually had no plans this weekend, which is rare, so we decided to stay up late Saturday evening and have movie night. Skylar lasted about 45 minutes before crashing but it sure was fun!!!

Mother's Day Surprise

My husband Carl sweetly surprised me on Mother's Day this year. He knows that the most important thing to me is just spending time together and he made sure that is just what happened. Mother's Day morning I woke up to donuts from my favorite donut shop. He then asked if I could watch Skylar because he had an errand to run. 

Skylar and I sat down for some mom and me time. We colored, played baby dolls and worked on some puzzles. It was the perfect morning! Little did I know my little worker bee husband had been in and out of the back yard the entire time.

He popped his head in the door and asked me to come to the backyard. When I stepped outside I saw lots of lumber and soil. I was a little confused. He said," I know that you really like things we can do together and things that are homemade so I bought you a garden." It was so unexpected and so thoughtful. I love that he listens and knows me so well!!

Later that afternoon the work began. I must have changed my mind 5 times on where I wanted it in the yard. Once we found our location we mapped it out, dug out the grass and border for the wood frame, tilled the dirt and filled it with soil. It took about 5 hours total because it's size. Skylar really liked to help us put the dirt in the wagon but most of all she was a fantastic water girl. She carried our water bottle around all day long. It was a day full of memories that I will never forget and will get to relive every year with our new crops.

This is what grew in our garden :)
A garden and kisses. Gan't get any better than that!!
Now the fun part began......choosing what to plant. If you know us at all then you know choosing a vegetable that we actually eat would be difficult. After an hour long trip to Target we finally had our seeds. 

Skylar was SOOO over our shopping trip. This was how we entertained her.
We chose Corn, Summer Squash, Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Carrots, Onions, Broccoli and Bell Peppers. 

Our Garden Day 4 we had about 3 or 4 sprouts
Water makes them HaPpY
It also makes Skylar HaPpY!!!
I had seen a planting how-to video and it was suggested that you soak your seeds in room temp. water over night before planting to jump start the seeds. It really worked!! Most of our seeds were not supposed to show growth for 7+days and ours sprouted in 4 days! I will try to keep updated every few days so that you can see how it's coming along.

Our Garden day 5
Thanks to my wonderful husband this Mother's Day was very special and I am forever blessed to say he's mine!!!

April 19, 2012

How Bout Them Cowboys

This past Christmas we received tickets to take a tour of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Life finally slowed down enough that we were able to visit this last Sunday.

It was incredible! You see it on t.v. and it just doesn't do it justice. We had a wonderful time playing on the field, going to the team locker room and the cheerleader locker room. Below are some pictures we captured.

Tap tapping in the Cheerleaders locker room

Kissing the star for luck

The security guard thought she was so cute he let her sit on Tony Romo's $10k locker

Running, running & more running all over the stadium

Where Has The Time Gone?

I hadn't realized how far behind I got on posting. Oops! Here are some pictures and videos I captured in the last 3 months to try and catch you up. Enjoy!

HaPpY SpRiNg 2012!!

Easter Pictures


She was so anxious to get to those eggs

Skylar LOVES to tap, tap, TAP

Family time flying kites.

To finish this post I leave you with a video of what happens when mommy is taking a nap.