April 19, 2012

How Bout Them Cowboys

This past Christmas we received tickets to take a tour of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Life finally slowed down enough that we were able to visit this last Sunday.

It was incredible! You see it on t.v. and it just doesn't do it justice. We had a wonderful time playing on the field, going to the team locker room and the cheerleader locker room. Below are some pictures we captured.

Tap tapping in the Cheerleaders locker room

Kissing the star for luck

The security guard thought she was so cute he let her sit on Tony Romo's $10k locker

Running, running & more running all over the stadium

Where Has The Time Gone?

I hadn't realized how far behind I got on posting. Oops! Here are some pictures and videos I captured in the last 3 months to try and catch you up. Enjoy!

HaPpY SpRiNg 2012!!

Easter Pictures


She was so anxious to get to those eggs

Skylar LOVES to tap, tap, TAP

Family time flying kites.

To finish this post I leave you with a video of what happens when mommy is taking a nap.