December 6, 2011

"Remote" control

Received an invite to join Leslie and the boys for dinner at chic-fil-a tonight. After a long day of taking care of kids I ALWAYS jump at the opportunity to get out of the house. Today, like most others, was pajama day at our house so I quickly put on some hats to cover their ears and ran out the door. Dinner was great, the kids ate well and I got to enjoy time with my big sister which is always a plus! After dinner I loaded each kid on a hip and got ready to load them up to head home when my hand brushed against Skylar's leg. I inspected a little closer and to my surprise I realized she had put the remote control down her fleece pajamas and it had settled in the pant leg. We got quite a few chuckles from the tables around us! I'll have to chalk this one up there with them putting my cell phone in the dishwasher and finding Bryan's sock in the freezer.

You can't make this stuff up!

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