December 20, 2011

Stranger Danger or Santa

Wow! I cannot believe this will be Skylar's 2nd Christmas. Where has the time gone?

Skylar 6mo 1st Christmas

Our first attempt to visit santa this year was unsuccessful due to mass crowds and a 4 hour wait just to get in line to then wait another 30/40 min. to see Santa. I wasn't about to do that to my child so we planned for a weekday visit.

My sis-in-law Neely and I planned a Santa date last tuesday at Bass Pro. They have the best Santa. We were relieved to walk in and find NO line!! I got Skylar prepped and ready, headed over to see him. Skylar kept saying,"Ho,ho,ho." I thought this will be great!

I sat her on his knee. She looked at him.....then looked at me.....then realized I don't know this crazy, bearded guy.

I quickly picked her up after the photo was taken. She immediately stopped crying and we got a candy cane for a treat. Next was Bryan's turn. He had the same feelings towards Santa this year too. Seeing that she was completely contint now that she had a candy cane and was waiving to Santa, I selfishly thought maybe if we were to try again with the candy cane she would be distracted and not cry.

Who was I kidding......

Bad mommy!

I'm guessing we will have no trouble when it comes time to discuss Stranger Danger.....just sayin.

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